Message from Hello-g prjoect!!

What is “Hello-g”?     

The “g” is actually standing for “Gekkei” in Japanese (Menstruation).

We are wishing for all women to have happy menstruation.

Many women feel negative on menstruation however, we believe we can have it as fresh as possible.

That’s why we named  “Hello-g project !! “

Based on the oriental medicine, you can check your health condition 
by a period, color, volume, span of menstruation.

It means that menstruation is the best barometer of your health.


Menstruation is a monthly chance to have a message from your body.

It tells you your health condition, how it’s been and how it goes.

You must take care of this message because it leads you to protect your
mental and health condition.

Menstruation has a full of message of
your body to be more healthy and happy!!

Let’s enjoy your healthy menstruation with us!!

ルナシートチラシ配布用 英語



Hello-g project!!